Southwest Wake Christian Assembly

Southwest Wake Christian Assembly

Southwest Wake Christian Assembly began as a local “family-integrated” church that originally met in the southwest portion of Wake County, North Carolina. From its beginning, a foundation was laid with its Principles & Practices which included the following as a primary practice:

Multiplication The format and size of a local church must not restrict its ability to function as a spiritual family, sharing our common life. (The only clear exception to a “limited size assembly” in Scripture is in Jerusalem at Pentecost and shortly thereafter when the Holy Spirit was first poured out and the Apostles were all present in one place… after they were scattered we see no indication of large regular assemblies). A church that is too big for people to deeply know one another well will have a difficult time functioning as a family. A large assembly cannot encourage interactive discussions and sharing by all men in worship. Based on our practices of worship and discipleship and the call for deep relationship within a local body, we believe corporate growth can be an enemy of personal growth. Although it is not clear how many families per assembly there might be, we suspect that the maximum size is greater than 10 families but significantly less than 50. Therefore, we will strive to spawn other similar assemblies as the size of our assembly grows and leaders are developed.

  • In 2004, we outgrew the homes we were meeting in but didn’t feel we had enough people in geographic regions to begin other churches, and had the opportunity to meet at Wake Christian Academy. This facility was more centrally located for those who had come to be a part of this church from Chatham to Johnston counties as well as Cary and Raleigh. We decided to go their “temporarily” in hopes that others might come and add enough believers and qualified elders to start similar churches in their respective geographical communities.
  • In January, 2007, we sent two elders and several others to begin Chatham Christian Assembly
  • We began meeting once per month in various geographical regions in the fall of 2012 and in April, 2014, we sent elders and others to begin Grace Christian Fellowship of Johnston County and Grace International Fellowship in south central Wake County.

It was also determined that Southwest Wake Christian Assembly would no longer meet and the remaining families from the south west part of Wake County each determined whether to join one of these two new bodies or join another local fellowship. We met for the last time together on April 6, 2014 as an entire body, though we plan on quarterly gatherings of various forms to spur each other on to love and good works as we each follow our Lord, Jesus Christ in our various places of ministry.

Web sites for each of the new local bodies are being created, but until then, if you would like to learm more about either body, please contact:

  • Grace Christian Fellowship of Johnston County, Mark Faggion - 919-662-4941
  • Grace International Christian Fellowship of Southern Wake County, Adam Williams - 919-247-7950

Southwest Wake Christian Assembly has been a special place and we will be leaving the general information about the foundation of the church here for the foreseeable future…

The church is committed to model itself after the pattern of the church as seen in the New Testament. For more details, see our Principles & Practices document as well as our Shepherding Guidelines .

Below are a few more resources from which you can learn about us and hopefully be encouraged to grow in your walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:

  • Doctrinal Statement - This doctrinal statement is a non-exhaustive attempt to summarize our beliefs in a page.
  • Principles & Practices - This document is a continual work-in-progress which attempts to succinctly describe our principles and practices.
  • Shepherding Guidelines – how we handle stuff that’s not covered in the Doctrinal Statement or Principles & Practices.
  • Diligent Workmen – part of our plan for church-based leadership training of men
  • Titus 2 Women – our women tend to meet once a month to encourage each other in their godly roles
  • Teaching Schedule – The plan is to teach through the entire Scriptures so that we do not hold back the whole counsel of God
  • Past Sermons – Some of the past sermons are available at .
  • Fellowship Meals - Every week, we end our time of worship with a fellowship meal. This gives us a chance to discuss the message and worship together more and encourage each other and build each other up.
  • Keeping in Touch - We have a variety of secure hubs on MemberHub that help us keep in touch through email, calendars, contact directory, file-sharing, and more. We believe the “one anothers” of Scripture are what a local church is supposed to be focused on day to day.